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  1. Eliminating Racism – Lipscomb University in collaboration with NeighborH.O.O.D. and Metropolitan and Housing Agency’s Envision Edgehill – certificate seminar. The seminar Edgehill residents and the community at large in intellectual inquiry and reasoned discourse exercises regarding the changing community as it relates to race and racism, thereby capturing imbedded thoughts of how the residents saw themselves in the new community. Link to view pictures of class sessions and artwork that captured the seminar’s temperature coming soon.
  2. Gotham’s Nashville Institute for Faith & Work, in association with Christ Presbyterian Church, a nine-month biblical program, whose mission teaches how the integration of faith and work are the bedrocks for building a meaningful and sustainable community, awarded NeighborH.O.O.D. $5,000 to support its mission. NeighborH.O.O.D.’s Grant Request video coming soon.
  3. Healthy for Life 20 By 20 Community Nutrition Program (February – June 2021) – Tennessee State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences and Master’s of Public Health to promote American Association of Family & Consumer Services’ efforts to facilitate the Healthy for Life 20 By 20 community nutrition program, an initiative led by Aramark and the American Heart Association. More information about how to participate coming soon.


  1. Bullies in the Ivory Tower: An African American Woman’s Fight for Educational Justice and a PHD, written by Agnes L. Scott. (This book is a story based on my pursuit of a doctoral degree at the University of Toledo. The story takes place in a Nashville church as I recollect the injustices that I experienced in university life. The injustices are interwoven with a Sunday morning service at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, located on 12th Avenue South. The book is intended to start a dialogue among students, university leaders, professors, administrators, policy makers, and subject matter experts regarding a university’s role in supporting the educational goals of its students.) The book is being sold as a fundraiser for NeighborH.O.O.D. All royalties to the author are forfeited. Find out more.
  2. BRUT: The Bitter Reality of an Untold Tale: A Woman’s Unexpected Fight in a Non-Traditional Business: What Your Business Schools Can’t Teach You, being written by Agnes L. Scott. (This book addresses how the “good ole boy” club destroyed a minority, woman-owned electrical wholesale company with antitrust tactics, because, according to the phone call she received, her “company was growing too fast, penetrating too much of the Detroit electrical market.”) Link to view book cover and a synopsis of a feature story about her in the August 1988, Electrical Wholesaling magazine coming soon.

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