Andrew, a Boy Called Hair, and the Edgehill Polar Bears

Help Andrew, Edgebear, and Hillbear (with their glowing snowballs) use their superpowers, with help from C. J., Ebony, and the OPERATION FENDING OFF AGENT DESTRUCTIVE FORCES team solve Edgehill-Nashville problems to create a viable and equitable community.

Our Message to the Community

A message from the Executive Director to the Edgehill Icons

About Us

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Why OUR Organization?

  • Fostering education awareness
  • Designing and implementing economic vehicles
  • Measuring outcomes

What We Do

Our Goal is to establish the organization’s first cooperative enterprise, a fashion, design, production, illumination, and merchandising company.

What People Say About Us

I am delighted to participate in the endeavors of Ms. Agnes Scott, Executive Director of Neighborhood. Ms. Scott is a visionary, just what our community needs. My support is unwavering. I shall continue to donate in the future without hesitation.

Sollie Pittman, Jr.

As a person of color, I can truly say, we have a long history of being overlooked and forgotten when it comes to assuring that our communities receive the same local, state, and federal policy guidelines that help to build generational economics. We have little and we are limited to little. We are in need of individuals and organizations that build models to help our communities gain access to business ownership and financial success in today’s advancing times.

Evelyn Shields

Yesteryears’ messages that Black people must fight over one slice of pie or one resource, while the majority feast unending on whole pie choices, must be stopped, as should the practice of feigned help, i.e., shoveling black people from one person or organization to another just to get rid of them. Please help this organization do what it’s trying to do and allow the organization time to do it. There will be ups and downs in starting anything, just as the majority experiences. It took a long time for this situation to get like it is; it’s going to take time to fix it.


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