NeighborHOOD’s Theme Song written by Agnes L. Scott

When I was two – you (mom and dad)
Built a neighborhood for me
With my ABC building blocks
It affected me deeply

My building blocks of ABC’s
And butterflies and bees
Built houses, stores and bridges
I owned them, I had keys

Grocery, toys and clothing stores
Lined my bedroom wall
The building blocks you helped me stack
Made me dream tall

The food, clothes and toys we made
With our ABC building blocks
Were carted off across the bridges
And secured with play-like locks

But after six years old or so
My dreams began to stall
The building blocks inside my room
Didn’t match outside my wall

Some peers showed signs of rising high
With building blocks of real
Hardly any in my neighborhood
Had opportunities at will

Building blocks outside my wall
But in my neighborhood so few
Were my ABC building blocks
Only visuals for you

Are your hands on my destiny
Using real building blocks for me
So that I, and other kids like me
Can escape poverty’s high priced fee

Reasons and excuses we didn’t build
Won’t take your pain away
Ownership, jobs and education
Will keep poverty at bay

We’ll build houses, stores and bridges
Like in your neighborhood at two
Using real building blocks
And buy the products you make from you